New British Coins converted to £p (to the nearest penny)

Name Value in £p
Bim (1b) 0p
Vici (1v) 1p
Ternny (1t) 1p
Half Quanny (1w) 2p
Quanny (1q) 3p
Dimi (1d) 6p
Three Quanny (1j) 9p
Penny (1p) 12p
Three Dimi (1o) 18p
Gemmy (1g) 24p
Tripenny (1") 36p
Hicrus (1h) 48p
Docrus (1~-)


Vulticus (1n) £1.20
Helmus (1x) £1.44
Two Docrus (1f) £1.92
Octodeca (1.-.) £2.16
Victius (1+) £2.40
Five Hicrus (1^) £2.40
Gold Penny (1¦) £2.88
Eight Tripenny (1i) £2.88
Twenty Five Pence (1a) £3.00
Half Ultimus (1/) £4.68
Three Victius (1\) £7.20
Ultimus (1#) £9.35

A gummy bear would cost from 1b-1t.

A strawberry sweet would cost from 1q-1d.

A brand new Xbox 360 Elite from it's time could cost around 21#.

The average rifle would cost around 42#.

A Spotifty Premium account ( would cost around 1# 11p 1d

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